23% of people snore on a regular basis and 45% snore on an irregular basis! Greenville, NC Sleep Apnea

A list of common causes include:

1.  Weight of a person – Losing weight can help a person to stop snoring.  Also, reduced blood pressure and diabetes can result from weight loss.

2.  Nasal Anatomy – If a person has a partial or a complete blockage of the nasal cavity, snoring may occur.

3.  Mouth Anatomy – Enlarged tonsils, thick tissue in the back of the mouth, and a big uvula can cause snoring.

4.  Drinking Alcohol – Alcohol and sleeping pills can cause snoring by relaxing the throat muscles.

5.  Sleep Apnea – Sleep Apnea is very dangerous to a patient because a person stops breathing during his sleep for 10 seconds or longer.

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