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The average denture lasts approximately five to seven years. Wearing dentures for more than seven years without having them checked could be harmful to your health. Your face, jaw and tissue changes over the years, but your denture does not. Your denture is made of a stable and rigid material and can not adapt to these physical changes. The following are some of the signs indicating that your denture should be checked:

1. Sore and irritated areas

2. Problems with chewing certain foods

3. Thinning lips, sagging mouth, a change in facial features

4. Becomes loose, falling out when you speak or laugh

5. Discolored or has an odor

6. Bone (ridge) loss

7. You keep your denture in your pocket more often than in your mouth

If  you have any questions about your denture or it stays outside of your mouth more than in, please call Dentures Greenville NC   Drs Capps, Bowman & Padgett  at 252-752-1111. One of our Appointment coordinators will be more than happy to assist you.