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Tooth Erosion

Tooth Erosion is caused by acidic foods and drinks dissolving away the surface of the tooth. 

WAYS to prevent tooth erosion:

1. Reduce or eliminate carbonated soft drinks (including sugar free).

2. Use a straw, holding it at the back of your mouth to reduce the contact your teeth have with the acids in carbonated soft drinks.

3. Drink acidic liquids quickly. Do not sip on them.

4. Don’t suck on sour fruits, candies or frozen fruit juices.

5. Rinse your mouth out with water right after consuming any of the above.

6. Eat a piece of cheese to neutralize acid

7. Chew sugar free gum to in increase saliva flow in the mouth

8. Use a soft toothbrush and brush gently

9. Use a toothpaste designed to reharden softened tooth enamel

10. Get regular dental checkups with us so we can check your teeth

Hopefully this information will help you keep your teeth healthy. For an appointment with our qualified staff to evaluate your dental health please call Hygiene Greenville NC  252-752-1111   Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett