Comparing Dental Implants with Bridges:

Success rate: A bridge has a 50% failure within 10 years as a single tooth implant has a 97%  success rate at 10 years

Cavities: Decay is the most common cause of failure for a bridge as a single tooth implant has no additional risk to decay

Risk of Root Canal: 15% of bridges will require root canal therapy, as a single tooth implant has no risk of root canal therapy




(Dental implant are done without grinding down the adjacent teeth)


Failure rate of a of tooth under a bridge: 12% at 10 years and 30% at 15 years

Teeth use under a bridge : 80% of teeth under a bridge are virgin, no fillings, crowns or decay present. These teeth have to be ground down to do the bridge. In my experience I believed this percentage to be high. With implant, the adjacent teeth are not touched or damaged.


Notice: the adjacent teeth are ground down for the dental bridge



Reported  by Henry Schein

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