What is a dental surgical template?

Guided implant surgery uses patient’s CT x-ray scan  to plan implant surgery through computer software.  Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett use the guided implant template, which is the most accurate technique to perform the surgery.In other words, it is a customized implant surgical template that the dentist places in the mouth which surgical burs are guided to the exact location where Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett want to place the implants, which reduces the chance of error.



The advantage of a guided implant template:

1.  Accurate, safe, and predictable

2.  Shorter operation time

3.  Smaller incisions with less bleeding and pain

4.  Possible less appointments

Drs. Capps, Bowman & Padgett offer this method of treatment of our patients. Sedation is offered.

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