Teeth Whitening Greenville, NC

Our dental office in Greenville, NC provides both whitening options for our patients.

At home whitening requires an initial appointment to take impressions for bleaching trays and a follow-up appointment to deliver trays and to give you instructions on what to do for best results.  This method of bleaching requires 2 to 3 weeks to see a difference in shade and is the least expensive.

In-office whitening requires a combination of visits.  Your first visit is approximately 1 1/2 hours and subsequent appointment about 1 hour. This system uses a more powerful bleaching compound and results are immediately noticeable. In- office whitening is more expensive , but better for severe stains.

At our dental office in Greenville, NC, the in-office teeth whitening technique takes approximately ninety minutes for the first appointment and one hour for the second appointment. With this system, since it is done in the office, we use more powerful bleaching compound. It is more expensive but better for severe stains.

In summary, if time is a factor, then go with in-office whitening. We have a room ready for you. Call 252-752-1111 for your Greenville, NC cosmetic dentistry appointment.
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